What I think about…

..when I am running.

I have actually always wondered about this. Am sure you have too. Especially if you have been into running, jogging, long-distance endurance runs, ultra-marathons, the works.

But I do not think about this when I run. Because then I would know what I think about when I run. And then I would not need to write a blog post about it. You know what I am talking about? No? Think about it.

Since time immemorial – err, last year i.e, when I started running, post a long one, I always tried to recollect all that I would be thinking during the run – was it about work? Or the girl I saw in the office? Or the dog that would look at me amusingly early in the morning whenever I came out for a run wearing my balaclava?

That never happened though, because post the run, I would be either:

  • Grimacing at sore thigh muscles, OR
  • Trying to look all cool about it especially because I would have the Hyderabad Runners T-shirt all drenched in sweat OR
  • Looking frantically for a glass of water OR
  • Looking around to see if there is a nice chick checking me out, so I can check-mate her (notice the play again? ha!). Look of gloating pride on face.

But there has always been one aspect of my runs that has overshadowed everything else. Even my runs. And that is the concept of Recovery. Having tried my hands (legs, actually) at training plans and all that, I literally arm-twisted my legs into doing something that, well, they should not have been doing at this point in time. But once they realized what they were being subjected to, it led to a host of issues – stress fracture, shin pains, ear and tooth infections, flu and fever, laziness. Phew!

Actually you can ignore the last few issues. They do not have anything to do with running. But lets face it – am sure you have realized that I do exaggerate a little on my blog posts. 

So, back to Recovery. During my runs, I would always think about recoveries. How to include recovery runs post tempo or intervals. Or after some long-ish runs, when and how I should run for recovery. How long I should take for recovery. What I need for recovery. Why I need recovery. Recovery, Recovery, Recovery!

That is all what I was thinking about. I was getting mad. It was like Chinese torture. They wanted something out of me and I would have told them everything. Only, I did not know what!!

And then it happened. Whenever I would hear the word Recovery in my head, I would also hear the word Kolaveri. Strange no? Well, stranger things have happened in this world. Like Himesh Reshammiya. And nasal singing. And sex on the beach. Oh, I mean naming a drink so. What? Noooo! Not literally?! 

Ok. Back. Now that is when I realized something profound. Especially when I was running and it hit me smack in the middle of my eyes, like a silver bullet screaming out of the thinness of the air, melting the morning silence into a smoldering, smoking line!

“When something gets stuck in the head, it gets stuck in the head”.

Upon checking later, I realized it was an insect that had got stuck inside the balaclava I was wearing. But lets ignore that for now, pliss. The philosophical underpinnings of what had stuck is what is more important you see.

I saw everything clearly. That the sun had started rising was just incidental. The dog stopped looking at me as I smiled at it, with a condescending look. And the beads of sweat that were rhyming with every forefoot strike I was taking, started playing the tune in my head….“Oh this Recovery Recovery Recovery di”.

And that was it! All the pain and angst of having this stuck to my head suddenly disappeared. I knew what I had to do. I realized what the Chinese wanted from me. Finally, I was relieved of the curse of Recovery as I started humming the song.

Presenting to you, for the very first time! From the unimaginative stables of the Whatitees Guides!

The “Oh This Recovery Di” song, sung to the tune of “Why this Kolaveri Di”! That was obvious, no?

Run, Sing and Enzoi!

Yo runners
I am sing song
Run song…
Tempo song …
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di..
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di..
Rhythm correct
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di..
Maintain please
Oh this recovery.. aa di.
Aa.. distance la finishu lineu
line-u colour-u white
White-u background night night-u
Night-u coloru black-u
Haan.. Oh this recovery recovery recovery di
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di

Running shoes-u pad-u pad-u
pad-u type-u gel-u
gel-u ees on only heel-u
My shin-u hurt-u
Haan..Oh this recovery recovery recovery di
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di

Maama, water edhuthuko,
Appdiye kaiyla banana edhuthuko,
Pa pa pa ppaan, pa pa pa ppaan, pa pa pa ppaan pa pa ppan
Sariya vaasi (@%#…….)
Super runner ready..
Ready.. one..e.. two.o.. three.. four.

Hun… um
Whah, wat a change over mama
Ok mama, now pace change-u
Kaila garmin
-Only english-a
Hand-u la watch-u
watch la pace-u
Eyes-u full-aa tear-u
Empty life-u
slow-u run-u
Life-u reverse gear-u
Aa..tempo tempo
Oh my tempo
You showed me speed-u
Run-u run-u, holy run-u,
I want u here now-u
Godu I m sleeping now-u
Shin is happy how-u
This-u song for runner peoples-u
We dont have choice-u..e…
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di (Aahaan.. aa…)
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di (hun tan ha meyyah)
Han Oh this recovery recovery recovery di
Oh this recovery recovery recovery di.

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