Wham Bam…

…you’ve got spam!


verb /spam/

  • Send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet

noun /spam/

  • A canned meat product made mainly from ham
  • Irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients
confucius say   /spam/
  • Spam is like Japanese driver in Indian traffic, be safe but you will get hit anyways.
  • Spam is like Indian driver in Japanese traffic, honk in No Parking zone and get towed away.
  • Horny spam, honk repeatedly.
  • Man who confuse sperm with spam, date wrong thing.
  • Man who write bulls***, get more of the same.

Just came across this spam comment on my last blog post. Not that this was the first time, but it just felt so apt. The made-for-each-other types, the perfect glove for the hand, the right tie for the shirt, the right drink for the mood. You get the picture.

Thanks about the tremendous related information right here from your net, this is often a little bit of questions in the site market. Who reported by the other line? . . . .Lasting love might be patron, appreciation may be range. But there’s more covet, but there’s more brag, purpose incredibly. It’s not necessarily rude or obnoxious, to the self-seeking, it is not necessarily really angered, this stops simply history of the errors. Take delight in shouldn’t appreciate noxious yet unfortunately rejoices applying the actuality. This particular you must defends, be certain to trusts, constantly hope, often perseveres.

And then I checked the stats for the spam count on my blog. This is what I got.

It figured. Confucius was right after all.

P.S : Ham is that which is not spam. Nothing to do with pork or pig. Veggies, do not sue me. Else, I’ll spam you.

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