The joy..oh, the joy!


The joy. The sweetness of it. Like honey dipped refrains gently flowing down the river. Like the cacophony of the world being washed ashore in it’s gentle notes. Like being buried in the beautiful arms of your beloved and listening to her murmur in your ears. Like the musical harmony of the yin and yang. Like the crescendo of Mozart.

The Nokia Ringtone. I hear it again.

It gives me

  • immense pleasure,
  • unspeakable happiness and
  • an emotional high (Yes, all three!)

that after almost 1 month of patient waiting, dirty haggling over documentation issues, frustration at the world, raving and ranting at the evil that is around, denial, anger, prayer, resignment, resentment, and the occasional serendipitous bliss on account of being disconnected from the outside world, I have finally emerged victorious in my fight against the Goliaths of the telecom world and have got a new number!

Victorious trumpet and elephant sounds in the distance!! Please to imagine!

Although I trade calls with only a select few, however, I invite you all to be a part of my new number and share the ecstasy I now feel!

Those who need to know have already got it. So, please do not ask me for the number in the comments section, unless of course you are a pretty girl and are turned on by any or all of humor, sarcasm, bad jokes cracked in the garb of seemingly decent angreji and a handsome blogger such as yours’ sincerely. Seriously. Look at my profile picture.

Oh, and if you are a girl, please do not visit the first of my Whatitees Guide. I was just kidding.


Hello? Oh, hi baby! Yeah, finally got a new number..No, no of course I was not trying to avoid you darling…I did not have the number…yeah?…what?…you ditching me?!!…what?..why?…hey…hello?? Hello???

Damn you Tadaa DoDoMo!!!

P.S : All names have been changed. Of course. Any resemblance to any cell phone connectivity, activated or barred is purely coincidental. Please do not sue me and please do not deactivate my number again!

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