Of Salsa, mad-ads and brainfarts!

Why did they have Salsa and not a Kuchipudi or a Bharatnatyam dance event?

No, contrary to what you might think, Google does not have the answer. Neither does Yahoo! Search, or Bing or Ask Jeeves. But this has to be one of the most insightful questions / thoughts I have came across so far in my XLRI stint.

And where else could it have occurred except during one of our nightly jaunts to Bishu-Da’s “Tea-coffee-nimbu paani-gobi/anda/aalu paratha-general bakar” joint. Yep. You have general bakar as well to consume. That is free of cost, of course. We also call it Consulting, once in a while.ย  By we, I mean the MBA types – the groggy eyed, laptop carrying, jeans and T-shirt clad “cool dood” who can talk about Indo-China Economic relations with as much ease as he would talk about why girlfriends behave the way they do.

Ever heard the phraseย  “Ignorance is bliss” ?

Of course, the same applies to the groggy-eyed-with-mascara (?)and-eye-liner, Jeans and T-shirt clad “cool doodettes” as well. But then when they talk about why boyfriends behave the way they do, well, they are usually right. Yeah! The phrase applies here as well.

Anyways, so we had just returned from the library after a grueling 2 hour session of

  • walking up to the library,
  • doing some arbit fundebaaji with some batch mates,
  • opening laptops and checking for some blog comment updates / Facebook updates,
  • cribbing about the food, assignments and our present conditions,
  • doing some more arbit PJ-cracking,
  • getting all the relevant reading material, and then
  • copying in abstracts as part of an assignment for one of the courses.

Well, I still do not know why we did the last bit, but suffice it to say that they are the “occupational hazards” of doing an MBA. Once we were done with all this, we found ourselves naturally walking over to Bishu-da for a cuppa tea and some more of the above.

And naturally again, there we see some pretty looking ladies and some pretty, good looking, well-dressed guys all gathered around, obviously for some kind of a party. Which is when we realized it was Salsa night for the 2-year MBA crowd. We, the 1-year MBA junta were also invited. But I guess when we have people doing the tango everyday with their wives, a few others nursing broken backs and aching legs, and the rest reeling under the effects of quizzes-assignments-projects induced insomnia, Salsa does not figure too high on the to-do list.

And all I could think for an answer to this question was – Maybe it is a case of “Two to tangle, and one to Tango!”.

However, a little birdie did tell us that some dance enthusiasts from our batch took part in the same Salsa event on an earlier occasion. I know it is sightly unbelievable, but you should have come to GMP’s first party of the academic year – Amnesia. Although a lot of us were doing the Big B/Nakka Mukka/Dhagala lagli version of the Salsa, but the talent was evident.

Speaking of talent, can you imagine of a better event than mad-ads to let out that constipation occurring in that top story of yours’, time and again?I cannot, and I’ve been taking therapy!

If you want to check out an original brain fart, you can enjoy it here. Three of us took part in an Ad event conducted by the MAXI, called LegaliZe.

Do not ask me why they had a ‘Z’ in the name and not a ‘z’. You can come up with a brain fart of yours’ and not let me know.

Anyways, here goes – the first Ad I took part in – creating a surrogate advertisement for “Guns”.

Must say – it stinks, but it was the best feeling ever! I do have Eno, if you need one!

P.S : Credit needs to go where it is due. Also, another way to say – the question was not mine. So, do not kill me. Hence, the P.S is in Bold – Italics! It was asked by one of my good friends who is a batch mate here at XLRI.

7 thoughts on “Of Salsa, mad-ads and brainfarts!

  1. Farting was never so much fun. Bakar, reflections, beers and so on, we sure are enjoying these days!

    Btw good post! Your writing talent is severely undersold(i feel criminal for making you write our dull economics assignments!) And that means you can change your nick name out here; caniwrite no longer fits the bill. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good writing…
    I wonder why you decided to conceptualise FOREX-The Economics community. The better concept flowing from that top-story would have been Fart-ex. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. FOREX- The economics community… but wasn’t that coceptualised and founded by another GMPian.. albiet an year earlier…. i am just lost….

      1. @Yet-another-GMPian: You are right. I think you got confused with the comment Vikash made about me “conceptualising FOREX”…I had initially thought, along with a few others to take FOREX ahead, but we could not. It was initiated by Sachin Rawat I think. By the way, could I know who you are? Thanks for passing by my blog!

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