The MBA pictionary..

…and a “picture speaking a thousand words” and all that. Yeah, you’ve heard that phrase somewhere, right?

For all those MBA aspirants, this is reality. Stark. Naked. Stripped down completely. The one where you take the red pill (remember The Matrix?). This is no Wonderland and Alice would be as lost here. All you can do is chat up with Alice and hope your picture looks a shade better. But, by the looks of it so far, I’d be willing to place my expected MBA degree on bet!

Ok, you get the picture – literally and figuratively. And now the thousand words as well.

Ever felt the real power of a “power nap” – where all you do is close your eyes and let the world around you subsume you in a beautiful, warm darkness? Darkness as black as can be, and you just float around – only, you do not know you are floating. Darkness so endearing, it’d be a crime to come out of it. Darkness so seductive, you’d wish to lose control to.  Darkness so romantic, it could almost be poetic.

B-school life has just begun. And I can already see some changes. I talk more. I listen even more. I cannot sleep. I have started seeing things in a different light, which in MBASpeak is termed as “perspective”. But then lack of sleep can also make you do that. “Time management” suddenly takes on a new meaning. More so when every faculty member throws that phrase at you in almost every class! Balance sheets have created a new kind of an imbalance, where your sole purpose in life for those few minutes is to “crunch and match numbers”. For most part, it’s your head in the midst of all that crunching, but when you end up being saved by the best Finance faculty in the country, with the occasional Bengali humor, you feel that you are still alive after the deluge of debit and credit you go under.

You take to words such as “global perspective”, “perception”, “opportunity cost” and “ROI” as easily as a fish would take to water – most of the times, though, they are used anywhere and everywhere. Whenever you want to sound intelligent. Or dumb. Or you just want to use them. As the case maybe.

Night outs with case studies, assignments and intoxicants, once in a while. Frustrated looks during quizzes, and nonchalance after they are over. Tea and parathas at 1 in the night, while discussing business, binomials, branding and babes – in no particular order. Clubs, committees and forums. Glib talk, desi talk, fundebaaji and more!

In short, life is FUBAR. And a lot of fun!

Occasionally, in your private time (the loo, i.e), you see glimpses of your past life when it was much simpler.

If your wife or girlfriend uttered the word marketing, it usually meant shopping, isn’t it? Or at the very least, a walk to the friendly neighborhood, “Bablu Grocary and Genral Itims”. A quick chat about the vegetable prices, Dhoni’s wedding and you get back with the newspaper in your hand – usually as a supplement for Bablu’s snippets!

But now you run graver risks with your newly attained MBA knowledge of what marketing stands for – A cold-eyed stare, and probably no food for having created a mess such as this…

…and all because she asked for a soft drink!!

That’s the MBA pictionary for you. In short.

Was that thousand words?

2 thoughts on “The MBA pictionary..

  1. After reading your 100 words I dunno whether to congratulate you for having decided to go with MBA or express my deepest condolences.Accept either(or both) as per your convenience 🙂

  2. I thought I was a little late in starting school, 2 Years back….
    “All the best” & get yourself reacquainted with my best friend “CAFFEINE”

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