So..howdy is things?

Spots. No, stars. To be more precise, as I recollect, they were starry spots. Everything around me was in slow mo. Tom-Hanks-in-Saving-Private-Ryan style. Except, there were no bullets flying around and no one screaming into my face “Captain, are you alright?”.

I could hear a dull thud somewhere though; didn’t know whether they were drum beats or my heart pounding. Faint pictures floated around, as beads dropped on the leathery surface below. Thoughts, were they? But I knew they had put me on a roller coaster ride. Fun. Laughter. Melancholy. Love. Headaches. Ecstasy. The churn in the bowels. Green mountains and dark clouds.

I took a deep breath. The numbness was starting to creep in and I looked up. Times of India, a bottle, echoes and a water cooler. Oh, it was in my hands. I raised it to my mouth and took a gulp. I could feel the cold path it had taken inside of me. Like snowfall in a forest fire. Not quite dousing it, though. I looked up again, trying to focus.

A pair of eyes looking at me. Sympathy? Empathy? Amused? I then realized they were looking at my hands. I looked down, and there they were – the drops turning into a smudge on the leathery couch, and drying up. I wiped that with my hands. Just then, a streak of yellow from the horizon fell on me mercilessly, as if trying to shake me off the reverie I had fallen into and I was transported back to reality.

I stood up, took another gulp, kept it on the cooler and headed back into the gym for another round of cardio.

Yeah! I have joined a gym. Finally! After 11 long months of dealing with a lot of things happening in my life, I decided it was time to get back on that treadmill and run like hell! To pick those dumbbells and pick bell workout (?) like hell! To get on that EFX machine and…err..EFX like hell!

And although, after the first 10 minutes of cardio, it did feel like hell, well, I am glad I have started the painful journey…yet again! Persistence has got to have some rewards, right? Along with good dieting?

And yeah! Finally, thanks to my good friend K10, I am getting a Mauser gun all to myself. Beware, the next time you land in my house, you might want to memorize the password or you might just end up eating Lead Masala! I finally get to live the lifelong dream I have had for over 2 years, starting 2007 and which somehow fizzled off in the year 2009 owing to recession, Chennai and well, ahem…some guys.

I just could not believe that I had lost my powers of flirting! sob! sniff! Atchoo!

But we shall get to that later, for right now, I am all set to be – Devilish laughter and a crooked eye-brow in anticipation of what’s to come next – The handsome South Indian cowboy, with a 6 tier pack and a license to flirt!

P.S : Well, just so the alarm bells don’t start ringing, and you start to think that I am running the IT arm for Al-Qaeda or Al-something else, the Mauser is actually a lighter, shaped as a cool-looking gun.  But pliss to ignore that for now!

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