I am back…

Nope. I am not doing a la Arnie. I am just back from a brief love affair with her.

I was so enamoured by her presence, her grace, and her sophistication, that I thought I was in love with her. She was a template for the kind of lover I always wanted.

But then simplicity and sophistication haven’t been good sleeping partners. Compatibility is the keyword for a relationship to sustain. Flexibility is no more a fashionable word used by the marriage-shrinks. Its a fact which we cannot evade-its right there in front of our eyes. And when you do not have these, a love affair can never go beyond a mere dream of what it could have been.

Hence, the heart-breaking decision to step away from her. Mind you, it is not a step back. Change, it would seem, was but a figment of my imagination. I need more time. So till then, adieu!.

One thought on “I am back…

  1. Something similar has happened to me recently, & I hope I can be as cool about it, as you seem to be here…

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