The Departed Don..with pop-corn

We all have our moments of intro/retro – spection. We realise a lot about ourselves as we go ahead with the business of living.
Obviously the next line would be to write what I have realised, isnt it?
I cannot be rambling on philosophical pcycho-babble, cause then you’d stop reading this. I can sense that you almost are. Nonetheless, I shall go on.

I have realised that the movie buff in me cannot stay dormant for long…….philosophically profound, aint it?

Its strange how geographical changes can cause tectonic shifts in your movie lifestyle as well. It was very easy for me in Bangalore, thanks to a very good friend of mine, who would not pass a chance to watch a movie with me. Yeah, a girl-friend! Now, I can see smoke somewhere – oh, no its not my computer my dear! I think its you!! (devilish laughter here).

I had once asked her (with the best casanov-ish smile I had),

I : ” Hey, I know you do like going to the movies with me?..But why me?”
(This is what you call a rhetorical question – where the answer is hidden in the question, or something like that)

She : “oh Rishi, you’re such a nice guy, thats why”
(My casanov-ish smile turned into a casanov-ish glee, but being the dude I am, I made enormous efforts to hide it!!)

She : ” yeah, you’re such a nice guy – you’re always there at the cinema hall buying the ticket for us, and you always get me pop-corn in the interval!” ( eyes fluttering with a cute smile)

Needless to say, I have started hating pop-corn!!

Ironically, its been as tough in Mumbai. No, not with the pop-corn! Rather, the search for movie-chums. Yes, thats a word I have just coined. My Dictionary meaning :

Noun: Movie-chums (-hyphenated) moovie chums
2 or more than 2 people who share a common or near common interest, a passion , and most importantly the ticket/pop-corn cost for the Movies.

Also, the proximity and choice of theatres – moreso, when you stay in the place as I do.

Anyways, I think I have digressed, because I can see from the look of your face, that the title of the post and my ramblings, till now do not have much of a relation. And thats an understatement.

Well, I wanted to tell you about the 2 movies I watched of late with 2 movie-chums – yes, I found them, and they are guys – I am happy for that -..:)…(No, I am straight!!) I am happy, because I do not have to get pop-corn for them in the interval, and we all believe in the concept of online booking!

Anyways, here goes my review (After much water has passed under the bridge, lots of candles burnt, and many reviews and polls):

Don – Comparing the AB’s version with this one would be akin to comparing Madras Cafe’s filter coffee to Coffee Day’s Cappuccino. We all love the classic Filter coffee, but a contemporary Capuccino gives you the edge! And that is what the new Don does – gives the older one a stylish , sleek look. Personally, I went to watch the movie for Farhan Akhtar’s directorial sensibility, not so much for SRK.

The King Khan was his usual self (as we’ve all seen him, be it any movie – romantic, comedy or an action movie!) – the familiar twitch of the eyebrow, the sarcastic smile trying to exude charm or the quiver in his dialogues. But having said that, I dont suppose anybody could have pulled it off with as much chutzpah as SRK did! He was brilliant in a few scenes – for eg., in Khaike Pan Banaras Waala, almost AB-esque. The music is as snazzy as you can get from Shankar Ehsaan Loy – especially the new rendition to “Main Hoon Don” or the 80’s reminiscent feel in “Aaj Ki Raat”. And the background score leaves you with a MI-esque feel to it.

The PTs – pretty things – Kareena Kapoor is no Helen, but she does make an impact with her small role and dance. Issha Koppikar as Anita is ok, while Priyanka “chops” Chopra is brilliant as Roma, the femme fatale, out for revenge.

Boman Irani – packs a punch yet again, while the rest – Arjun Rampal, Om Puri, and Pawan Malhotra provide the icing on the cake.

All in all, the new Don is a movie which you would not want to take seriously. Although the twist in the plot may leave the purist with a permanent scowl, it would be best to leave comparisons to reviewers and news channels. The new Don can probably be a cult classic for the generation that has not seen AB’s Don, and a weekend timepass for the ones’ that have.

The Departed : Martin Scorsese scores yet again after The Aviator, with a gripping cop-and-criminal story, set in Boston, Masachusets. I always say about certain people, situations and movies that they make “your life so happy” – and this is one of them. A mish-mash of the good and bad, which, at the end get mixed up so much that the line between right and wrong gets blurred. The absence of defined black and white characters lends itself to the deviousness of the plot.

Matt Damon is devilishly mercurial as the mafia’s rat in the police department. Leonardo is brilliant as the undercover cop trying to come to terms with the macabre, that opens in front of him, and above all, when you have the sarcastic, good ol’ old Jack Nicholson playing out his role of the Mafia head with devilish glee, you know you cannot sit back and put down the popcorn.

A racy screenplay, some cheeky humour, and gripping action makes it a must-watch. Of course, its not for the weak-hearted or the ones who would cry out, “mummy” if you abuse them with the F-Word!! Thats “The Departed” for you.

P.S : The “girl-friend” I spoke about in the beginning is one of my very good friends, and would gladly buy her pop-corn whenever she comes to the movies with me, on the condition that she lets me have atleast some of it!!

4 thoughts on “The Departed Don..with pop-corn

  1. i think we are getting back into the old habit of being the first ones to comment on each others blog .. atleast i am rest assured that there is one reading it atleast .. u do read my blog dont u 🙂 ….

    i cud niot stop laughing at one set of words, movie – chums .. risky boy those are risky words 🙂

  2. hmm…first and foremost, u write quite impressively.In case of the “don” review, i appreciate the text, not the taste.SRK danced and acted like a sissy, and Kareena kapoor could have easily killed anybody’s libido with that Dance of her’s.There is a subtle hint of dark humour to ur blog.Choose not to read the departed review.havent seen the movie.

  3. @Raghu : Ya, i do read your blog man!..left a comment by yours’ btw..
    @Kay : Thanks for the note of appreciation.Your comment on kareena’s dance was funny!..:)..well, you’re entitled to your opinion..

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