Whats in a place…

Just a tweak to Shakespeare’s famous line ….

A listing of whatever came to my mind in the places I’ve lived post – college….Feel free to add more…

Hyderabad :
Hyderabadi Biryani, Mirchi Bajji, Kalmi Kabab (treat for the non-veggies!!), Kubani-ka-meetha (heaven), Karachi bakery (cookies are awesome),Charminar, Banjara Hills, Ramoji Film city, Necklace Road, Nagarjuna Sagar lake, IMAX, Paradise Hotel, Eat Street,DownTown Pub, Bottles&Chimneys, Chutneys, Minerva…
Kya jee tumhe?, kya jee unhe?, Idhareech, Udhareech, Petrol Pumpaan, Seedhe Jako, Right![Standard answer if you are looking for some place…even if u are asking for the moon!!..:))..], Meetaran Pe chaltu bhai….

Churchgate, Marine drive,Chowpatty, VT, Bandra, Bandstand,Dadar, SiddhiVinayak Temple, Matunga road, Madras Cafe, Kobe’s sizzlers, New Yorker, Juhu Chowpatty,Fashion Street,India gate, The local trains, Coconut water at Juhu Chowpatty, Paanipuri and chaats (everywhere!!!), One famous chaat-guy in Bandra (do not remember the name), Fame Adlabs, Cinemagic, Dance Bars in Andheri, Naturals, Jazz by the Bay, Haji Ali, The sea by the Haji Ali Mosque, A cup of tea sitting at Marine Drive, Marine Drive at night, Bindaas Bombay Babes…
Eda hai kya?, Tapori, Tapri(shop), Waat lag gaya bhidu, Khopcha, Kharcha-Paani, Kaan ke neeche bajaaon kya, Kaiku, Bole to, Apun-ka ishtyle…

Sector – 35, sector – 18, Atta Market, The Summer Heat!!, Waves Mutli-plex, Kovalam, Mayur Vihar, Dilli Haat, Chandni Chowk, HaldiRams at Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, Jalebis, Samosas, Aloo parathas, Rajma Masala, Dal fry, Haan-ji, Sir-ji, Jaan de Gaddi!!, Road-side Tikkas, Connaught place, Plate meals at Andhra Bhavan, Plate Meals at Saravana Bhavan, A famous shopping street (forgot the name!!)….

IT, Software, Pubs, Brigade, MG, Purple Haze, Electronic City, The sleepy weather, Pseudo-american culture, Wassup dude?, Chill Maadi, Take a Chill Pill (!!!..whats this pill??), Machha, Bugger, Enna da, no da, what da, yes da, how da, why da, when da, Commercial street, Lalbagh, Good Andhra Food at lots of places, Beer, traffic snarls, Irritating auto-drivers….

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