Well, it’s been one of those days, when the day just seems to drag on. If you’re part of the software industry, you would probably understand that. It’s one of those days, when you are

a) just sitting in front of your computer – thats what you get paid for anyways!
b) drink atleast 3 / 4 cups of coffee – you don’t pay for them anyways..
c) keep clicking on the send-recieve button of your Outlook Express – thats part of your job profile!
d) read all the sent mails again and again – thats not part of your job profile…but whats the harm in working extra!!
e) spend 2 hours on the lunch – it’s a social occasion you see!
f) Steal a few winks post-lunch – yes, thats possible if you are sitting in a cubicle as nice as mine!
g) Write crap like this on your blog – Well, couldn’t think of better crap!

As they say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop…but they do not understand that it’s the idling that keeps the shop working….wow!..I am enlightened!!……

On a more serious note…I actually wanted to write about snoring. And this thought passed by after I had stolen about 25 out of the proverbial 40 winks in my cubicle…a little after lunch….and then jolted back to reality, cause, I felt that I had started snoring! Now, my cubicle is in a division where people do not generally talk, and a snore would sound like a lion’s roar – would’nt want them to get scared, do I?……Thats a nice poem by the way –

snore would sound like a lion’s roar,
the issue is at the core,
Not a 1, or 2, but totally 4,
Oh man! are being such a bore!!!

Anyways…I am sorry..I got distracted by my newly found poetic abilities…

So… I felt I had started snoring, because I generally do so when I am sleeping – or so my roomies say. Of course, I would not know if I were snoring, ’cause then I would not be sleeping, and hence would not be snoring…which gets us back to the point that I do, because, I know I am sleeping, but I would not know I am snoring cause I am sleeping……confused?…..same here…but, well, right now, I am doing neither..and that is proved by the fact that I am not sleeping now (else I would not be writing), and hence I am not snoring.

Whenever my roomies tell me that I was snoring, I kick myself in the ass…I dont do that literally ( It’s pretty difficult actually)…but I feel disappointed, ’cause I know how irritating it can be for people who sleep with you..err, I mean, if there are others sleeping in the same room, or on the adjacent chair, or berth…it’s happened on a number of occasions with me, especially on long – distance bus trips, and I can tell you – there’s nothing more nightmarish than having a co-passenger snore directly into your ears, when all you need is a nice quiet sleep, without the unwanted background music.

But there are different medical reasons to snoring –
# Being overweight – most common reason
# Having poor muscle tone in the toungue and throat – when the throat muscles are relaxed, the tongue falls back and causes blockage to the airway – and hence you snore. This happens in deep sleep….also, when you are drunk and sleeping – well, thats what the doctors say.
# Or if you have an obstructed nasal airway, due to a stuffy or blocked nose – which is often the case with me, cause, I have a perennial cold and sneezing problem.

Well, whatever the reason…it’s an extremely embarassing situation for the person who snores….my roomies say that I have spoken in my sleep too, forget just snoring…..I actually wished one of my roomies a happy birthday a week after his actual date. I said that I heard others wish him, and hence thought I should do the same!!

And thats the only time I have spoken…in my sleep, i.e…..but it scares me…what if I blurt out a guy’s name (maybe because he owes me some money), and people end up doubting my preferences – if you know what I mean!!…..

Anyways…people who snore excessively snore should probably get medical attention…there are different ways you can find out if you snore a lot…one of the most common indicators – while you are busy answering nature’s call, your roomie starts disturbing you and banging on the door asking you to come out. While you hurriedly come out, offending nature in the process, your roomie quietly goes back to sleep – reason? – he’s had to wake up in the wee hours, and since he would not have had anything else to do, he would have finished his call…and now would be making up for that – you don’t let him sleep…he wont let you crap!!…talk of revenge!!..

So, those were my snores on thinking…err, my thoughts on snoring… As is evident, it’s been a very busy day, and I have been working a lot!

If you’re still reading this, I could give you a good idea to cover up your snore. Start “snorting” – Fart while you snore!!!…….you snort!!

One thought on “Snorting!!

  1. the job routine sounds scary as ill be one of u in a coupla months..
    well written..chanced upon while blog hopping..

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